Letts / Roper

The Letts / Roper RHA encompasses Letts & Roper halls both currently first-year residence halls. 


Emily Kessler

Hall Council Positions


Vice President of Finance 

Vice President of Programing

Vice President

of Advocacy

Vice President of Recognition

Your Leaders


VP of Finance

VP of Advocacy

VP of Recognition

VP of Programming

Emily Kessler

Anna Ma

Javon Darrien

Wilson Baatar

Ben Bernsee

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American University Residence Hall Assocation

128 McDowell Hall American University 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW 20016

202-885-3606 | aurha.info@gmail.com

For certain matters regarding housing including financing, accommodations, room selection and more you are encouraged to visit https://www.american.edu/ocl/housing/

or email housing@american.edu.