General Assembly

What is the General Assembly?

The RHA General Assembly (GA) is an elected body of students who represent their hall councils on a school-wide level. Each hall council has four elected delegates in addition to the hall council president who attends each meeting. Delegates draft legislation to amend our constitution and bylaws as well as approve or disprove funding requests for organizations on campus. In addition each delegate is a member of one of RHA's six committees!

When does ga meet?

The General Assembly meets every Monday at 8:15 PM in the Letts Formal Lounge. All meetings are open to the residents and are encouraged to attend! Each meeting begins with a public comment period where residents are permitted to speak.

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Erin Aymerich

Eli Siegman

Bailey Nemiro

Madeena Sadozia

Daniel Pepper

Jada Newell

Nate Pangaro

Libby Wahlenmayer

Emily Kessler

Wood Davis

Colin Donnelly

Jeanette Hurwitz

Dylan Winters

Colton Pikovsky

Brian Johnson

Mariana Leon

Isabella Skvaria

Vikram Lakshmanan

James Lovette

Isabella Iganugo

Michal Kelmpka

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*Hall Council Presidents are italicized

Sarah Wells


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